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Tip: Geocaching
Category: Miscellaneous
Geocaching-what is that?

In July of 2002, Debbie and I were riding the Paiute ATV Trail in Utah, near the ghost town of Kimberly, when we ran across a couple trying to find something with their GPS unit.

They explained that it was a world wide game where people go out and find things hidden at GPS coordinates you find on the internet. They told us the web address and we looked it up when we got home, heading out the next day to find our first "cache" in White Tanks Park.

Since that day, we're always printing out geocaches to go find when we're out riding or hiking. There are also lots of "urban caches" hidden in town, so you can hone your GPS skills without getting out on the trails.

All you need to get started is a GPS unit and a internet connection.

Just log on to geocaching.com and search the site.

You'll find that caches are typically ammo cans or plastic containers, some are visual caches where you take a photo and e-mail it to get credit for the find. The cache is concealed so you ordinarily wouldn't find it unless you were looking for it. Others may be an inscription on a monument or sign that you send in.

Once you find a physical cache, it will usually have a log book to sign. The cache will have items to take, but the proper etiquette is to only take something if you leave something. We make an occasional trip to the dollar store to replenish our stash of trading items. After you get home, you can log onto the site and add a paragraph about your visit.

The best part of the game is that it's an inexpensive, fun and practical way to learn how use your GPS unit.

I'm sure you'll get many hours of enjoyment out of playing the game, as well as occasional frustration when you search and search, but can't find where one is hidden.

Submitted by: daveh
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