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Tip: How to get "street legal"
Category: Miscellaneous
Getting "street legal" opens many other roads to ATV riders. Many riders in other states don't have the option under their laws. Once your ATV is plated in Arizona, you can ride anywhere vehicles are allowed.

This is a brief overview of how to get your quad "street legal".

It's a fairly simple process that requires your title, liability insurance, emission test compliance (if required), and your checkbook.

You also need to comply with the equipment statutes once you get your plate. I've never had to present an ATV or ATC for an equipment inspection to get a plate, however the equipment is required to operate on roadways.


If you bought your ATV or ATC from a dealer in Arizona, you got a title and an "RV" plate.

You need to think of your machine's title as a birth certificate. Never, ever, ever, buy a machine that doesn't have a title. If it's not stolen, it's practically impossible to get a title for a machine unless you have the manufacturer's certificate of origin.

If you brought your quad from out of state, you can get it titled in Arizona by taking it to MVD with all of your paperwork showing you own it. MVD will do an inspection to see that all the VIN information is correct and issue you a title.

Liability Insurance

The state of Arizona requires all licensed vehicles to have liability insurance. They call it "Financial Responsibilty". You can comply with the financial responsibility laws in several ways but most people buy an insurance policy. You'll be required to show your insurance card, listing your ATV's VIN to the MVD. Check with your insurance agent to see if his/her company sells quad insurance, some don't. A lot of companies advertise in the ATV magazines.

On the subject of insurance, some folks assume that their homeowners insurance will cover their quads if they're stolen, it doesn't. Check your policy to see, the insurance sure beats the cost of a new ride.

The MVD folks also send out verification letters once you do get registered, so don't be suprised if you get one in the mail asking you to send in another copy of your insurance card.

Emissions test

If you live in the emmissions test zone, you'll have to emmission test your ATV once it's five years old. It's only the idle test, so you may not have to take the quad off the trailer or out of the truck, depending on the e-test location you take it to, call the station before you go so you'll know their policy.

If your ATV is less than five years old, you still have to pay the "Emmission Option" and "Air Quality" fee, but you don't have to actually take it in for a test.

If your thinking of registering it at somewhere other than your home to avoid the test, it's illegal.

Show them the money

Just like your car or truck, the newer your ATV is, the more it costs to get a plate.

Required equipment

The basic requirements are lights, brake light, mirror and a horn. See the overview of Title 28 requirements in the "Tips" section for further details.

Submitted by: daveh
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