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Tip: Arizona traffic laws that apply to ATVS
Category: Miscellaneous
The following tip is an overview of Arizona traffic laws found in Arizona Revised Statues, Title 28.

Title 28 contains all traffic laws of the state, and this overview highlights those which are applicable to ATVs.

This overview should not be considered legal advice. It is intended to be used as a reference guide so you can be informed of applicable laws. After each section, I have included a brief sentence that tells what the section addresses.

You can access the complete text of each statute by going to the following website:


28-101.3 Defines an "all terrain vehicle".
28-101.13 Defines a "county highway".
28-101.18 Defines a "driver".
28-101.26 Defines "local authority".
28-101.30 Defines a "motor vehicle".
28-101.35 Defines an "off-road recreational vehicle".
28-101.47 Defines a "state highway".
28-101.48 Defines a "state route".
28-101.49 Defines a "street" or "highway".

Driver/Operator License requirements

28-3151.A Requires operators to have a license and proper endorsement. Note: A quad doesn't require a motorcycle endorsement, a three wheeler does.

28-3169.A Drivers must have their license in possession when operating.

28-1595 Operators must stop for police when instructed and produce evidence of identity. This is a criminal offense and failure to comply with this section can get you arrested.

Registration/Plate requirements

28-2153 Vehicles operated on highways are required to be registered. Subsection D lists exemptions to registration requirements and D.9 addresses ATVs operated on dirt roads in unincorporated areas. This exemption causes much debate as to wether registation is required in some areas.

28-2354 Explains display requirements for license plates.

28-2512 Explains "RV" plate rules. Note: "RV" are basically good for vehicle identification and nothing else. They are not valid for highway use.

28-2532 This section is the one you'll be cited for if you're operating on a road where plates are required.

Financial Responsibility (Insurance)

28-4135 This section explains financial responsibility requirements for vehicles. If you operate on a road where license plates are required, liability insurance is also required.

Required Equipment

28-892 This is the only equipment section that specifically addresses ATVs. It says that you can't carry a passenger unless the ATV was designed for a passenger.

28-924 Headlamp requirement

28-925 Tail lamps requirement

28-926 Stop lamps requirement

28-952 Brakes requirement

28-953 Brake inspection may be required

28-954 Horn requirement

28-955 Muffler requirement

28-964 Misc. requirements as follows:

* Helment requirement for operators and passengers under
18 years of age.
* Glasses/windshield requirement.
* Mirror,seat, footrests required.
* Seat,footrests and handrails for passengers.
* Handlebar height limitations

Off Highway Vehicle Section

Sections 28-1171 through 28-1176 address OHV specific laws, including where the OHV recreation fund. The most applicable statute to operating your ATV is 28-1174.

28-1174 Makes it a criminal offense to "drive an off-highway vehicle with reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property".

Submitted by: daveh
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