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05/11/2017May General Membership Meeting Agendatommur
AAR General Membership Meeting Agenda
May 17, 2017
Bellair Golf Course, Iron Works Restaurant
17233 N 45th Ave.
7:00 pm

• Call the meeting to order - 7:00 pm

• Introduction of Board Members

• Welcome members, guest and new members

• President’s comments – Sedona Ride last Sunday
Don and Glenda

• Review and approve minutes of the April 19th

• Treasurers Report – Teresa McPhearson EOM April

• Members’ recognition
Birthdays Recognition
Bragging rights (New Toys, etc.)
AAR – (Stupid) Hurt Sticker??

• Guest Speaker – David Quine – Basic GPS and
beyond 

• Committee Reports
Fall Outing sign- Linda Jennings/ Jamie White
OHV - Bill Bonn
Merchandise – John Williams
Website – John William, Rene Borromeo

• Unfinished Business
Please publish a your rides on the website under
Rides and Events so all may participate

• Next Meetings – Board Meeting – June 14
General Meeting – June 21

• 50/ 50 and “Add Me” Drawing

• Meeting Adjournment


General Membership Meeting
April 19, 2017
Held at Iron Works Restaurant

Board Members present: President Tom Murphy, Vice-President Dennis Palagi, Secretary Linda Jennings, Treasurer Teresa McPherson, Members at Large Peter Brown and John Williams.

Tom called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm and introduced the board members.

The March General Meeting Minutes were approved as published.

Visitors were introduced: Mr. Jones who rides a Polaris 570 and a past member, Dennis Charney.

Tom reminded members to post rides.

Teresa read the EOM for March 31, and reported that the Spring Fling cost the Club $2,700.00.

Birthday recognition: Larry McCraw and April Palagi.

Bragging Rights: David McCaherty has an Artic Cat, Nan Halpern has a new 4 seat Razr and 2 quads for sale in the parking lot. Julie Anderson got a new puppy.

Stupid Hurts Candidates: None

Tom announced we have new plaques for our sponsors and presented Grant and Trish McMaster and Gary Hornsby with theirs to hang in their business.

Tom thanked the Event Committee for their hard work. This was the largest event so far. Thanks to Jamie White, Glenda Carlson and Linda Jennings, our Event Ladies. The Ride Leaders were also recognized for their efforts. Many rides were available both days for members to chose from. Thanks to Jim Volz, Dennis Stadel, Rod Moyer, and Jerry Fritz for all their pre-ride planning and getting everyone out and back with no incidents.

Merchandise: John said he sold out of flags at the Fling and will be ordering more.

Website: Ren'e, John, Dennis and Tom set up a meeting but the web guru did not show up.
Membership: Bill Bonn, we now have 179 head of household and 343 total members
OHV: Bill will be posting info on the website in MESSAGES. He announced 2 new Ambassadors to the membership, Bob Maitzen and Dave Hendricks.

Rides: Mike Madsen will be leading a Night Ride on May 20. Watch for info on website. Bob Maitzen has a ride on Saturday April 22, and Tom Murphy on Sunday, April 23.

Tom asked the membership for their input on our yearly dues. They have remained at $25.00 since the Club began. At that time, the Club held one event a year and the operating costs were very low. With costs increasing, an updated website in the planning stages, and numerous events, we need to raise the dues.

Linda asked the members how they would feel if they paid full price for the event dinners. The way we've been doing it, the Club picks up part of the meal price. There were no objections to paying full price.

50/50 totaled $112.00 with $56.00 won by Frank Martilik

The ADD ME was won by John Williams

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Jennings. Secretary

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