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03/04/2013Moab Rides in Maydennissta
#3532 Utah 2013 May Published Nov 10

I am using "Backcountry Adventures" by Peter Massey to choose trails. Also using Wells, "Moab, Ut Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails"

1. Jan and I are leaving Scottsdale on May 1st, Wednesday, or late on the 30th. We will be at Butler Wash Road on May 1st, ride the trail on the 2 nd. I do not want to be forced to drive all the way to Utah in one day. Average temp in May is 80 degrees. We will attempt to start rides at 9 AM.
2. The list of trails is not necessarly the order we will ride. You can miss the first few days and Meet us in Moab. I am still collecting maps and looking for camping sites. A Motor Home Park and Hotels are close to all our rides.
3. We can and will take days off from riding. If we ride every day we will get to tired. As a group we can decide which days we want to not ride or go to Trailer parks for water and tank dumping.
4. If any individual wants to rest for a day, you should feel free to rest.
5. The trails are sandy trails, not big rocks, but with a few interesting challenges. You will be excited.
None are very long. 40 to 50 miles. Beauty is everywhere. We will stop often, To look.
6. Each couple needs to bring some firewood.

1. Butler Wash Road SE 44 p 197 25 miles one way. Camp about one mile north by wash.
A. From HY 163, 18.2 miles east of Mexican Hat. Butler Wash sign. Trail ends 20.2 miles.
B. Up to 50 Canyons have unspoiled Anasaz Ruins. Ruins near north end of ride.
Other Ruins are 10 miles north of 163.
C. Wolfman Petroglyph Pannel- just one mile from HY 163 on east side of Butler Wash,
Most of the ruins are 8 to 13 miles from 163. Ruin at 12 miles.
D. Monarch Cave Ruins, 13 miles from Hy 95, and 7.2 miles from Hy 163, two start points about a mile apart, each is .8 mile hike.
The majority of the Petroglyphs are found on the North side , near a fenced area marking the unescavated site . The main ruins is right at the far end of the canyon. Relics as structural timber, roofing material, matates and pottery fragments. --book
E. Split Level Ruins - 9.6 miles from 163, 5 mile hike--book

We can do this from the north.
2. Combs Wash Trail SE # 46, Massey, Page 202. Camp Exit Hy 95 at mile 107-108
off HY 95 go north 2.3 miles.
A. Sign says County Road 235 60 miles total.
B. Combs wash Trail starts 0.7 miles east Mile marker 37 . 17.4 miles long.
C Drive west on Cedar Mesa Rd on the left, 8.5 miles N37 37.23 W 109 39.38,
D 13.4 miles north, You can drive up mule canyon, if it is not closed.
E. On way back, We will do Snow Flat Road, SE 45, p 199. N 37.17.82 W109.39.61
F. 2.2 miles to jt of Snow Flat Road, from 163, 5.4 miles to Twist. N 37.22.78 W 109.44.46 9.4 miles to Spring. N37.23.86 W 109.45.86 SPRING CAVE, trail is 9.7 miles.
Trail on right has View of Spring Cave at 8.7 miles.
G. To reach the cave, walk south to join the wash and proceed southeast down the main wash, staying on the north side. After app 350 yards the wash goes over a big rocky pour-off. Look for the small trail that stays high on the north side of the wash, and follows this app 175 yards to Snow Flat Spring Cave.
H. Moon House Ruin on Snow Flat road, N37 24,51 W 109 47.43 Unmarked parking.
I . North of Snow Flat Road a side road goes to the west that looks over canyon.

3. Butler Wash Bridge, On Hy 95, go 10.6 miles to mile post 111 signed road on right,
A. 30 to 40 minutes hiking to ruins, several ruins. Less than 1/2 mile
Target ruins - As you return from Ruins look for a side trail on the right, about 5 minutes from the last ruins. This canyon climbs steeply up the bank On the west wall you can see the Target Ruin.
B. Drive on to Mule Canyon, to camp, Co Road 263, Mi 102.5, park along road, unload ATV's.
Perhaps 4 nights at camp. Motor Home Park and hotel in Blanding.
You can Camp further up the wash. Darkest sky in USA
C. Cave Towers or Seven Towers south of Hy 95,
Follow Rd 1/4 mile to Kiosk, after 30 min hiking you can see ruins.
House of Fire Ruins
D. Cave Towers Ruin sit below the HY crossing, on the south rim
Hy 95 mile post 102.5 , turn North on CR #263. go 1/4 mile and park,.

4. North Fork of Mule Canyon Anasazi Ruin Hikes.
A We need BLM Permits. Parking just off Hy, we can ride RZR to parking area from camp.
B Hy 95 mile post 102.5 , turn North on CR #263. go 1/4 mile and park, or You can Camp further up
the wash. Cross wash for side road to camp. Darkest sky in USA
C. After 30 minutes hiking north, ruins are everywhere.
D Tower ruins are at mule canyon along Hy 95, west of CR 263.
E Indian Ruins in Mule Canyon, south of Hy.
F Cave Towers, 0.3 miles of mile marker 103. A cluster of seven towers in a tributary of Mule Canyon. A short , hike south, from UT 95 leads to three towers above a series of large caves
Perhaps # 3 and # 4 can be done in one day # 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 can be done at same camp
5. Arch Canyon & Hotel ATV trail At Mule Canyon
A. Exit Hy 95 at mile 107-108 off HY 95 go north 2.3 miles. Recommended one day each.
B. Just after crossing creek turn left along the creek south side. In a few tents of a mile you will go through a gate and there will be a registration box for Arch Canyon trail.
C. Trail is Ten miles one way.
D. Arch Canyon walls of this canyon are extremely steep and hide an abundance of Cliff dwellings, many can viewed with binoculars. Two arches at end of canyon.
F. Hotel Rock
A.The trail head for Hotel Rock is within sight of the registration box but back to the east and on the north side of the creek. 8 miles..
6. Natural Bridges National Monument We could unhook and visit Bridges National Monument
Drive on to White Canyon, book says it is beautiful. No Campng at Bridges
LEAVE campers at Mule Canyon. Motor home Park in Blanding.
Go west from Blanding 35 miles. Sixteen room Ruin.
Hikes are available to each of the three Bridges. Other ruins are under bridges.
Drive west of Bridges to Beautiful White Canyon, which is west of Bridges Monument.
7. Cottonwood Wash Trail SE # 40. Mountain trail from Arch canyon trail camp.
A. From Mule canyon Camp go east and N on Combs Wash Road, go up combs Ridge.
B. North on Posey Wash Road. CR 268 10 m
C. North on Elk Mt Road, befor HY 95 go west on Cottonwood road.
D. Utah HY 95 & CR 268 N 37 33.78 W 109 34.99 24 m
E. To #39 Blue Mt Road, turn LEFT N 37 49.51 W 109 43.20 4.2 m
F. 4.2 miles to Se # 38 N & S Elk ridge Trail, south to camp 26 m
64 total miles
REST Perhaps spend a night at Blanding or Montecello Trailer Park to dump tanks and take on water Blue Mt Motor Home South of town 435.678.7840

8. Montezuma Canyon Trail SE 48 p 206 North of Blanding. 0.1 mile s of mile marker 67.
Camp along Montezuma Creek. Ancient Anasazi ruins . 11th century
A. Bradford Canyon Ruins, 18 miles from start, 37,35.00 E 109.16.22
B 19.9 to Petroglyphs,
C 21 mi to Three Kiva Pueblo, 37.33.14 W109.14.42
D 23.2 mil to small Cliff Dwelling, 37,33,01 W109,14.36
turn around, Before Hatch Trading Post, 41 miles one way. ,
E Ruins near junction of Montezuma Creek and Canyon, use binoculars.

9. Blue Mt Road # 39 ? ? ??? 44 miles
Starting point 191 in Monticello, Forest Rd 105, 2 blocks south of Hy 666.
Dalton Springs at 4.7 miles, Paved road to campground.

10. Hook and Ladder It is a suprise? No Camp
REST Camp along Colorado River, at BLM Camp ground behind McDonalds,
stage and go to Moab to eat and shop. Moab Rim, Pritchett, Kane Creek, and Cliff Hanger trails are near this Campsite. They are all extremely difficult trails, and will scare the wits out of you. We can hike up the trails to stare or ride part of the trail.
11 and 12 from same camp, Do Harrah Pass, sleep, move to Gemini, go to
11 Hurrah pass p 210 SE 49,Massey, 13 miles one way. Camp 1.6 miles from McDonalds.
A. Continue on to Chicken corners 11 m Stage at Campground or 2 miles south..
B. Several Motor Parks in Moab.
C. North side of McDonalds go west , Camp at BLM Campground along Colorado River.
Chicken Corners, SE 50 p 212, 11 miles from Hurrah Pass 25 miles one way from camp.

12. Gemini Bridges SE # 51 P 213 No Camp. Do trail and move on to Dewey
Turn off 9.8 miles N of Moab. cross RR and park.
5.1 miles to Bull Canyon trail.
7.3 miles to parking lot for Bridges. 7.3
Go back to Bull Canyon trail, N 38 35.80 W109 40.83 2
Bull Canyon, Wells # 19, P85, 5.4 x 2 = 11
Goes under Gemini Bridges 5

Dump tanks Spend night at campground to empty tanks ????
====================================================================================13 - 14 - From same camp
13. Sand Flat Road SE 56 p 224 - Wells, Fins and Things, Camp along road
From Main street go east 4 blocks 400 East Street Head south to Millcreek and turn east.
go to cemetery and follow Sand Flat Road. 3.6 miles to camp site.

14. Onion Creek We can do Onion Creek from Sand Flats Road to La Sal Loop 120 miles,
80 miles total if we use Caselton Rd and Hy 128
Stage at #36, p 143, (Wells). SE 55, Massey, Onion Creek :
A. East on Sand Flat Road to La Sal Mt Road (FR 062),
B. to Polar Mesa Road FR 033. ( N 38 36.73 W 109 11.67)
C. to Thompson Creek road (FR 605), N 38 38.68 W 109 09.44 to Onion Creek.
D. Ends 19.3 miles East of Hy 191. 120 miles if we return same way.
80 miles if we return by Caselton Road.
Rose Garden Hill trail starts 9.6 miles from start of Onion Creek. Hill is best done from the top down, starting at Dewey Bridge.
B. Rose Garden Hill Can be done from Onion Creek , 4 miles from Onion Creek
C. Move to Dewey and do Top of the world. #38, Wells.
Top of the World, 19 miles round trip from Dewey Bridge.

====================== ============================================================
Camp Dump tanks and take water north of town at Arch View Motor home Park.
=================== ============================================================== Ride 15 thru 19 from one camp site
15. Monitor and Merrimac SE 14 p 132, Massey, N 38.43.66 W 109.43.29

A. Stage & camp US 191, 0.2 miles n of Mi marker 141, turn left, cross railroad track
Find a camp site
B. Seven Mile Rim #9 Wells
(1) Head West N 38 42.01 W 109 42.60
(2) Left at 1.1 N 38 41.51 W 109 42.84
(3) Stay left at 2.1 N 38 40.99 W 109 42.75
(4) Word Arch at 3.6 miles. .7 miles to arch. N 38 40.56 W 109 42.28
(5) Right N 38 39 .76 W 109 43.16
(6) Do not go around M&M Wipe Out Hill for the "Thrill Seeker."
(7) North toward determination Towers N 38 41.20 W 109 45.19
(8) Tusher Wash North N 38 41.76 W 109 45.82
(9) Trail to Tusher Tunnel N 38 42.64 W 109 45.54
(10) North to Mill Canyon Road
C. Find Hidden Canyon # 6 Wells Book 10 miles loop N 38. 43.46 W 109.47.46
or 38.42.34 W 109.48.23 Wells #39 good maps
E. Dinosaur Trailhead Mill Creek Canyon is good trail 40 m
Motor Home Park just south of M&M on Hy 191.

16. Courtyard Loop trails
A. Bartlett Wash Trail # 9 to N 38.44.69 W 109.46.74 Trail starts 2.2 mi from US 191. 7.5 miles.
Use Hidden Canyon Wash Trail, if possible. Deep Sand, closed last trip for falling rocks.
Trail ends at Dubinky Rd 38.40..57 W 109.49.71 Go West one mile t
B. Bartlett Rim Trail SE # 13. Trail starts at N 38.42.37 W109.49.98, goes 3.3 miles to
C. SE # 12 Hidden Canyon Rim Escape Trail, 4 mi, N 38.42.13 W 109.50.52
D. Hidden Canyon Rim Trail SE #11 p 127 N 38.42.68 W 109.49.19 Loop, back to camp at M&M. Ends on Blue Hills Rd.

17. Spring Canyon bottom, #11 p 76. Wells, Camp at M&M
A. Bartlett Wash Road 38, Wells p 57. 7 miles N 38 43.66 W 109 46.50
B. From Campground go 2.5 miles, drops into Tusher Wash. 2.5
2.6 turn right, out of the wash onto road. 2.6
at 3.6 turn onto Bartlet Wash road N 38. 43.66 W 109 46.50 Pass Tusher trail 3.6
Pass Hidden Canyon trail at N 38 42.34 N 109 48.23 Dubinkey Wells Road at 9.8
Go 1.5 miles East to Spring Canyon Bottom Trail. N 38 38.56 W 109 49.26, 12 miles
C. on Dubinky Wells Road goes to the right: you go straight on Spring Canyon bottom. 30 TOTAL
D. After returning to Dubinky Wells Road go west three miles.
E. SE 16 Spring Canyon Point Trail p 137, Start N 38.41.45 W 109.52.87 to Overview,
turn around, 12 miles
F. Go west to Start of #17 Rainbow Rocks Trail. N 38.41.05 W 109.54.97
G. N 38.44.55 W109.56.63 Start of Southwest # 18 Levi Wells Trail.
H 4.4 miles to SE 17 Rainbow Rocks Rd N 38.46.63 W109.53.73 p 138 5.9 ,Miles
I. SE 18 Levi Wells Trail p 140. Go 0.2 miles to Dubinky Wells Road. go East, home to stage Total 90 miles
18. White Wash Sand Dunes, #2 Wells, p 41, 15 miles from Hy 191 and M&M campground
A. Blue Hills Rd west to Tenmile road (Levi wells Rd) south N 38 49,17 W 109 55. 74 15 miles
Continue on south TO , Keep right N 38 44.98 W 110 00.16
go south past Crystal Geyser RD, (Wells map may be wrong)
B. go south, curve to west, drive past Dripping Springs, 6 m
C. turn right on Levi Wells Rd or Crystal Geyser Rd N 38. 45,57 W 109 59. 14 11 m
D. About 5 m to Fence, turn right to N 38. 46 86 W 110. 03 55, continue north. 5 m
E. North to Sand dunes, N 38 46.86 W 110 03.55 about 2 miles. 80 miles total 4 m
19. Hidden Canyon Wash
A Blue Hills Road, 2.2 m west of 191. N 38 44.69 W 109 46.74 on to Bartlett Wash Rd 2.2 m
2.1 miles to Hidden Canyon n 38 42. 78 w 109 48.53 7
B. After 3.2 miles Trail turns out of wash to Bartlett Wash Trail, N 38 42.33 W 109 48.19
ride to Dubinky wells Rd , go west 1.5
C. Turn R onto Bartlett Rim Trail , SE #13 , 2.5 N 38 40.13 W 109 51.15, Go N 4
D. Right on Hidden Canyon Escape Trail, SE # 12 N 38 42.37 W 109 49.98, GO N 1.5
E. Hidden Canyon Rim Trail SE # 11, N38 42.68 W 109 49.19 Go North 7
F. Blue Hills Road to Camp 2.2
We could do Spring Canyon Point. 50 miles total 25 miles

Spend night at Arch View RV Park, north of town, before going up Colorado River road to Dewey Bridge
=================== =============================================================
Trails 20, 21, from Dewey Bridge CG,
Top of the World and Colorado River Overlook, Squaw Park Trail, and Rose Garden from Dewey
Camp at Dewey CG along river. west of trail and Stage, ride to trails
20 - 21 Top of the World and Deloris River Overlook
A. Drive south on Entrada Bluff road bear right at 5.1MILES N38 46.21 W 109 14.94
B. Stay left at 0.7 m
C. Stay right at 1.7 m
D. Stay right at 2.9 m
E. Stay right at 3.4 to begin loop N38 43 43.95 Stop for view. 10 miles
Return to trail to Deloris River Overlook
F. GO on cross a creek at 7,2 n 38.47 20 w 109 13.37
G. RIGHT AT 9.3 M N 38 45.84 W 109 13.32
H. Stay left at 12.4 miles,
I. Left at 13.1 miles. , stay right 13.5 , and at 14.5 m
J. Straight at 15.2
L. Fun, winding road continues at 17.8 miles. 45 total 36 miles

21 Rose Garden Hill - Look, Do Not touch

22. Squaw Park Trail SE 28 p 162 Camp at Dewey Bridge, 7 Double sites, No water.
23 mi from Hy 191. N 38 48. 82 W109 18.13
A. West into Rio Colorado subdivision, right at first intersection. Right on dirt road.
B. One mile through fence. N 38 48.80 W 109 18.54
C. Trail along Yellow Jacket wash , Arch at 3.1 mi N38 49.06 W 109 20.72
3.7 mi turn left at T , Arch on right N 38 49.30 W 109 21.26
D. Cross Yellow Jacket Wash, steep hill
E. Ride 8 miles West on Squaw Park Trail to # 24 Dome Plateau Trail SE 24 p 155. 8
F. Drive Left on # 24 Dome Plateau Trail SE 24 p 155, (N 38.47.18 W 109.24.94) 10
G. 5 miles to overlook. 10
H. Turn around go back to Dome and then Yellow Cat trail. N 38 51.03 W 109 30.60
I. Winter Camp Road is fun sandy road to ride, 4 miles N 38 47.86 W 109 26.08 8
Massey # 27 Winter Camp Ridge Trail is deep sand, Fun to ride one way.
J. Go west ,for fun, On Yellow Cat N 38.47.64 W 109,25.39 , 7 to SE 28, Massey, . Turn around
We can go west on Yellow cat trail, for fun. Many side trails to mines.
Over look trail 6 miles, round trip, several mines, Paco Mine, Cactus Rat Mine,, 12
K. go down Salt Wash Trail 3.3 miles Overlook, turn around. 7
Go west on Yellow Cat Trail # 20 (p145) to Salt Wash Over Look Trail #23, P 154.
L. Go to Wood Rat Road Se 29 p 164 N 38 50.93 W 109 21.28. Right. Back to bridge . 4.3 miles

M. turn east on Yellow Cat Trail to go back to Dewey Bridge. 15 miles
total 75 miles

23 Salt wash Overlook trail SE #23 P 154 Total miles 3.3 mi

I am going to visit Anasazi Ruins on ATV trails and along several highways and then go to my favorite trails around Moab.

Many of the Ruins are up to a one mile round trip hike, several can be viewed across a deep, steep canyon and can viewed with binoculars. Several of the ruins (incredible ruins) are only accessible with ropes. The canyons are rated 8 or 9 or 10 for scenery. I have identified where we can camp and stage. I have inserted resting days and will not identify days we will be on any trail. If we find another trail I like, I may spend another day. Jan and I take a blanket so we can take a 20 to 30 minute nap after lunch. Everyone can ride with us or ride on your own. I do not want everyone waiting on us while we hike or enjoy the Anasazi Ruins. We stop to hunt for beautiful rocks, and look for wildlife, and enjoy every moment of the ride. I may skip any ride on the list. I have identified 23 trails we can do. Anyone can ride the trails without me, since I have identified GPS and the trail guides are available.

You will be able to go on the internet to download information about each ride. I have a notebook with pictures and descriptions of each of the rides. You can purchase books and maps before we go. You can call me, to find out what trail we are on, if do not go for two weeks.

If you want information about the potential rides, email me. .

Contact: dennisstadel@cox.net 480 980 2132

Date: May 1, 2013
Time: May 1

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