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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the club ride?

We ride all over the great state of Arizona, and in Utah, Colorado, California, Mexico and wherever someone is willing to go.

Is this club for sport quads, utility quads or side-by-sides?

We welcome all types of ATVs and UTVs, and we strive to plan rides appropriately.

Does the club hold regular meetings?

Yes. Monthly meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the third Wednesday of each month at the Iron Works Restaurant, 17233 N. 45th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. It is located on the grounds of the Bellair Golf Course. We suggest getting there early if you want to socialize and/or order dinner before the meeting begins.

What is covered at the monthly meetings?

Guest speakers are often invited to speak about topics of interest to ATV riders. Past speakers have included representatives from Arizona Game and Fish, the State Land Department, MotoTrax OHV area, and the National Forest Service. Additionally, future rides are planned during each meeting, so please join us and let us know where you would like to ride.

Who leads the club-sponsored rides?

The club has a group of experienced Trail Bosses who plan and lead some rides. If you are interested in becoming a Trail Boss, please send us an email.

Does my ATV need to be "street-legal" to participate in a club ride?

Many areas of the state do not require ATVs to be street legal. However, the enforcement of related laws tends to be very inconsistent, and the mood of the enforcement officer is often the determining factor in whether a rider receives a citation or warning. Whenever possible, event descriptions specify if all or part of the upcoming ride will be on roads that require proper licensing. Riders who choose not to license their ATV for use on public roads must recognize that participating in a club ride will be done at their own risk. The rider is solely responsible for any resulting citations. Additionally, rather than issue a citation, the officer may elect to require the offending rider(s) to immediately park their ATV and wait for a truck and/or trailer for transport, thus impacting the ride for additional licensed riders.

Are the rides safe for beginners?

Information regarding upcoming rides often includes the level of difficulty to expect and the expected pace of the ride. These levels, in order of difficulty, are typically Family, Intermediate and Advanced. Therefore, please choose rides that are appropriate for your skill level. All participants acknowledge that ATV riding is inherently dangerous and that they are riding at their own risk. Additionally, our Trail Bosses attempt to get to know everybody, and they will attempt to judge speed and terrain accordingly. Beginners are asked to ride just behind the Trail Boss so their skill level can be observed. As well, if a rider is uncomfortable getting through a certain area, the Trail Boss will assist as needed. It is our goal that everybody has a great time, therefore it is important that everybody rides at a pace that does not exceed their abilities. If a rider is being pushed to ride beyond their skills, accidents can happen. Whenever possible, we have radio communication between the Trail Boss and the tail gunner (i.e. the last ATV).

Are the rides to certain destinations?

Whenever possible, we try to plan rides that are mostly loops, allowing us to see the beautiful country Arizona and other areas have to offer. Rides posted on our Events list will often describe the type of ride to expect, estimated total distance and time, anticipated pace of the ride, whether 4WD is recommended, and whether lunch should be carried. Some rides, such as going to Crown King, will permit having lunch in town. Most rides are very remote, so packing a lunch is typically required.

How long are the rides?

Most rides take all day. We usually meet about 8 or 9 AM and return to the staging area by 4 or 5 PM. Riding time is dependent on where we ride, how long the breaks are and how many photos we stop and take. The Trail Boss will adjust the number of stops and monitor the length of the stops to assure a safe return, usually before dark.

What about camping off of the ATV, how does that work?

Some of our rides are for the experienced rider who wants to go farther and see more than one day allows. So we load up a tent, sleeping bag, small one burner stove, some canned food, lots of cold beverages and additional fuel and plan a two or three day ride. These rides may cover more than 75 miles each day. (For example, we are in the planning stages for a trip from Table Mesa Road to Flagstaff... and back!!)

We are new ATV owners/riders. How long before we can ride with the group?

If you are able load/unload your ATV and get it to the starting point, you are probably ready. We do however recommend that you attend rides that are rated accordingly (i.e. easy or beginner) and complete an ATV rider safety class, such as those offered free when you purchase a new ATV. Please let the Trail Boss know before ride day that you might need some assistance, pointers, or even for somebody to take your ATV up or down a hill for you. Riding in the group is a great way to learn. It lets you see what others are doing and you can ask questions on how to maneuver over rough terrain.

My sport quad can't haul all that stuff, and I'm limited on fuel capacity. Will this prevent me from attending rides?

No problem. On day rides where you are not able to carry extra fuel and your lunch, just ask, and someone should be willing to help carry the required items. Using a sport quad on an overnight trip will require some pre-planning since many of the ATV's are pretty loaded down.

When the group announces camping in conjunction with one or more single-day rides, do I need to have an RV/camper?

No. While many of our members do have camping gear, not all have the luxury of a camper. We camp as a group, occasionally announcing a pot luck. Usually one or two grills get setup and everybody uses them. If you forgot something... just ask your neighbor, they will probably have it.

Do I need to sign a waiver to attend club rides?

For liability reasons, all members are required to complete and sign a waiver prior to participation in a club ride. Parents or guardians must complete and sign waivers for minors in their household. The adult and child waivers are available here for your review.     Download Acrobat Reader

Are helmets required?

As a club member, you sign a waiver releasing the club, it's officers, and members from any liability. So, as a club, we don't have the right to force anybody to wear a helmet. However, because ATV riding is an inherently dangerous activity, it is highly recommended that everybody wear a helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, long sleeve shirt and long pants when riding.

How can I become a sponsor of this fantasic club?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you. Please send us an email today!

My question is not listed here. Who should I ask?

Send us an email with your question and we'll be glad to provide the information you need.

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