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UTV Intercom & Radio
UTV Intercom and Radio - Rugged Radio 2-person intercom with 2 Over-The-Ear headsets with noise-cancelling microphones. Headsets substantially reduce wind and engine noise, so you can talk to your riding partner without shouting. Each headset has its own volume control so riders can control volume independently.
Voice Operated microphone (VOX) allows total quiet in between talking to your passenger, unlike cheaper intercoms with “live microphones” which are on all the time. When you start to talk, it turns on intercom; when you stop it turns off intercom.
Like your tunes while riding? You can plug your iPod, iPhone, or Sirius/XM Radio into the intercom. Your music plays until you begin to talk to your partner – then it automatically cuts out the music until you finish talking. Can also be used to record audio on GoPro.
Headsets have a pushbutton to allow transmitting on FRS/GMRS radio (below). No hunting for Push-To-Talk button on walkie-talkie while bouncing down the trail or over the dunes.
See detailed intercom features at http://surplusradios.net/Rugged-Intercom-RRP357. See review of intercom at (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsJDOq31b_w)
See headsets at https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=111_22&products_id=17
Radio to go with Intercom (below)
BaoFeng FRS/GMRS Radio – Model UV-5R covers all FRS and GMRS channels plus NOAA weather channels. Has both standard antenna plus extra length antenna for longer range reception. Includes 1800 mAHr standard battery which gives up to 12 hours use plus additional Super life 3800 mAHr battery. Battery charger included. Also Includes Battery Eliminator power adapter to connect radio to vehicle 12 Volt power system.
Has interconnect cable to connect to Rugged Radio intercom.
USB cable plus CD allows user to custom program radio channels.

Contact: Chuck Peterson
Phone: 602-908-7380
Email: ChuckP7173@gmail.com
Submitted by: chuckp
Last edited: 2018-01-31
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