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Album: Fall Fling 2017 Chili Cook-Off
THE AZ ATV RIDERS - FIRST ANNUAL CHILI COOK-OFF. 12 entries were judged by a panel of 4 impartial, un-bribable, members of impeccable integrity. Contestants were encouraged to bring huge crock pots to feed an army of hungry atv, quad, SxS drivers. Access to generators were provided by someone and kept running during judging and eating, and for keeping the chiliís warm. First prize was a nicely decorated cardboard trophy and an envelope of cash, or a sports car or a one way trip to Tahiti.

Chili Cook-Off Judges

The best chili is . .

Best Chili winner

Come and get 'em folks!

The Best ATV and SxS drivers in Arizona

Mr and Mrs Wild Bunch

Mr & Mrs Photogenic

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