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Album: Spring Fling 2016 @ Rock Springs, AZ
The Arizona ATV Riders held our annual Spring Fling at Rock Springs Cafe in Rock Springs, AZ, beginning March 31, April 1,2,& 3. This is our semi-annual event for club members only. We had planned rides, games, raffles, and just sittin' round the campfire telling tall tales (aka Whoppers!) Rides were posted for Friday and Saturday. 103 riders, along with family members, signed up for this event. Our SATURDAY DINNER was catered by the Rock Springs Cafe, with a choice of a 12 oz. boneless ribeye OR 1/2 roast chicken with a choice of sauces on the side, along with cowboy beans, a fully loaded baked potato bar and iced tea, coffee, lemonade or water. Our Event Committee hosts for the event were: Jamie White, Darlene Hauser, & Shirlee Schneider. Everyone had a safe and wonderful time. A great job very well done Ladies!.

A photogenic trio!

Glenda and Tom

Theresa and Julie


Raffle Prizes for the Evening

A lull at the Chow line

ID required

The Pond

The Rock and The Springs

Emcee Tom

Our ATV Cake

Pastry Line, all diet, no sugars

Yummy oatmeal cookies!

Gone in 60 seconds!

Raffle winner!


Please pull my number. . . . . please?

A lucky winner!

I think I won!

Another lucky winner!

I won again!

Winner of the Gary Hornsby Cup

The other winner of the prized Gary Hornsby Cup

Brian, one lucky dude!

Another win!

One lucky winner

Pick a raffle ticket please

Brian wins again!

Brian won the Jack Daniels pie.

Another win for Brian!

And another win again!

He's going to need a 1099 for the IRS

Brian bought 6 tkts and all of 'em won!

Counting the loot

Becky calling family

50/50 Winner!

Parking at the ruins

View of the river form the ruins

Don at the ruins

Group at Acquisition Mine

Conveyor and Stamping equipment

Gila Monster

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