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About the Arizona ATV Riders

Arizona ATV Riders

The Arizona ATV Riders is a Phoenix-based ATV club that was established in the spring of 2001 by a group of individuals who are dedicated to the sport of ATV riding.

Our members do rides in some of the most beautiful areas of the southwest for all types of ATV riders, from beginners to advanced, and from the sport rider to the utility ATV rider. We have many families in the club, so everyone is welcome.

Some rides are part of campouts with tents and/or RV's, and other rides are actually campouts where all gear is loaded on the ATVs (pack it in - pack it out).

Our objectives include improving the public's perception of ATV riders, which is sometimes tarnished by a few careless individuals. Through continued interaction with land access policy makers, we know that staying on the trails and obeying posted regulations decreases the likelihood of closure to ATVs.

Overgaard, Arizona

Additionally, our club is actively involved with the local, state, and federal entities that control access to the ATV areas where we all love to ride. Our efforts help to ensure that the best ATV areas will remain open to all riders.

Many members of the Arizona ATV Riders have volunteered their time and efforts on several trail cleanups. Our club has also assisted the Forest Service in its efforts to restore burnt areas such as those devistated by the Rodeo-Chediski fire.

Sport quad riders

All visitors to this site are encouraged to join us on rides that we announce. It's a great way to meet others who share your passion for ATV riding. Please join us at our monthly meetings, which are also open to everyone. Here, you can learn more details about our club and assist in planning some more great rides. Meetings start at 7pm on the third Wednesday of each month. Watch for message postings with information about the meeting location.

We hope to meet you at our next event or meeting. If you have a favorite trail or area that you would like to share with the group, please send us an email.

Stay on the trail
Keep the rubber side down!

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